Do you feel you’re wasting time and money on random content?

Be honest, do any of these sound familiar?

It’s hard to share content that catches attention

You don’t appear on Google search results

People bounce straight off your website

Almost no one clicks through your emails

Simply having a great product is not enough

The reality is that you need a marketing team that’s on it all the time. You need to continuously work on getting people to see you, engage with you and ultimately go to your website and buy from you. These actions put together is what people call marketing. And it starts by activating a marketing funnel.

You don’t need a whole team to activate your funnel

We can help set up your marketing funnel, so all you need is a small team to run it. You can hire our team of 3 as the equivalent of 1 full-time freelancer, which will give you the flexibility to switch between marketing strategy, copywriting, and graphic design depending on what you need most.

Funnel deliverables

At the end of the month you will have a an active marketing funnel, which includes:

Content calendar with social media posts, blog and email content for 1 month

Design templates to recreate your banners, posts and emails on your own

Dashboards to monitor social media, website, and email performance

Turtle warning: Experience has taught us that for the funnel to work you need at least a 2-person marketing team to run it. And for us to activate it we need to go over the first 2 ‘turtleization’ steps together with that team.

Meet the funnel building tortuga team

Maja creates the strategy

A storyline to explain to customers why they need to buy your products.

Angel writes the content

Social media posts and email campaigns.


Elena designs the marketing material

Easy to edit templates to keep a consistent brand image.

Marketing teams we turtleized

“After 3 years of working on Meet Jack, we knew exactly what we wanted, but we felt stuck. We wanted to go faster, reach more restaurants, and offer our products at supermarkets. Maja, Ángel, and Elena were a gift from heaven. They brought branding creativity, amazing designs, and number clarity to help take our marketing to the next level.”

Marjolein Pleune
Co-Founder & Sales Lead, Meet Jack

“In a team full of doers, a little structure gave us the boost we needed to expand our jackfruit product portfolio and make the jump to deliver to restaurants, wholesalers, food producers, and supermarkets.”

Maarten Witte
Strategist, Meet Jack

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