Our Projects

Some companies we turtleized in one way or another


Business Workshops

Guiding the startups of the Sustainable Cities Accelerator through the basics of business development.

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Website Story

Bringing Jack’s story to life: A young jackfruit making his way to Amsterdam to become a fruit alternative to meat.

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Business Setup

Two life long friends, passionate about cooking, turned their hobby into a business. We just gave them the push.

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Business Model Challenge

Social impact entrepreneurs have it the hardest, loved to facilitate business model co-creation workshops.

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Business Website

Getting communications started for a stem cell therapy clinic using non-surgical treatments to get the body heal itself.

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Website & Mobile Apps

Making it possible for 30,000+ parents & soccer coaches, in 10 different cities, to communicate easily on a daily basis.

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Parent Teacher Community

Launching the website that connects parents and teachers around interesting educational activities.

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Building a software platform from which to bring technology innovation to all levels in sports.

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Green Banana Thinking

Thinking along on how to brand an amazing initiative using green banana based pasta to fight poverty in Uganda.

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Student Startups

Guiding bright scientific minds in their journey from ground breaking research to an up-and-running business.

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On-Demand Street Soccer

Using the power of urban sports to get kids back on the street and bring neighborhoods together.

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A Taste of Kenya

Re-designing the website to clarify all the fun cooking workshops and delicious catering possibilities.

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Organization Re-Design

Diving into the day-to-day operations to implement a new way of coordinating 100+ volunteers.

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Sporty & Flexible Website

Re-structuring the website information of the most diverse after school sports activity program in Amsterdam.

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Sports Agency Branding

Designing a brand identity that stands out in the competitive, fast paced sports agency world.

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Invest in Green Gold

Putting together a pitch deck to convince investors that seaweed-based food is a sure bet for financial and impact returns.

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VR Experience Amsterdam

Quick website prototyping to have a digital campaign touchpoint for a new virtual reality center in Amsterdam.

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Sportswear Webshop

Building the online shop for a sports brand launching a new clothing line combining sports and urban look & feel.

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Branding For Sporty Elderly

Guiding a young professional through the process of defining his brand and validating his business idea.

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Storytelling Website

Building a website that highlights projects connecting people with unheard voices through storytelling.

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Re-Thinking Veggie Pasta

Bringing focus to a team looking to fight vegetable waste by making pasta out of unwanted vegetables.

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Fashion Coaching Website

Guiding a young professional through the early steps of defining a value proposition and getting her website life.

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