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Brand identity and ready to use editorial templates

Innovation Lighthouse was born at the Student Hotel to test the impact of new sustainability solutions. They have evolved into an independent organization that introduces new sustainability innovations to hotels and real estate owners. I was asked to design a new brand identity and create templates that their team could easily use and apply in their daily activities, without having any design background.

I came up with a visual identity that supports team's ambitions and strengths. They aspire to be a voice of reason to all responsible building owners who understand that healthy business can go hand in hand with contributing to a sustainable city and health environment. They guide them to implement sustainability solutions that work, offering technological innovations and behavioral messages for their guests that reduce the use and costs of water and energy. Hence, the visual identity needed to be simple, fresh looking and inspire to take action. So, I came up with a design concept that helps the team guide their clients in how they can best guide theirs. Design simplifies the message in square framework and highlights the most important message in colored box in a corner. This is usually the benefit from the action they wants the guests, pointing how simple actions can can co-create a better tomorrow.

The end deliverable is a brand identity with rules on how to apply it. And templates for each communications channel so they can easily apply the visual identity them selves.

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Kelsey Wilson
Marketing Lead

Maja and Angel are genius workshop hosts! We went from a brand story that really needed some help to one that is clear, to the point, and helps us as a team AND our customers understand what we do. They’re sure to help you imagine a more sparkly, clarified brand story full of great ideas for copy, service offerings, and visuals. And also worth noting: they are super fun and engaging people to work with - 10/10 recommend!