It starts with a project intake call

A 30-minute call to meet each other and decide wether a rabbit-style website building project is right for you.




Tortuga Team

Set up the project

Invite you to a shared project folder

Upload the project work agreement and invoice

Review your website brief and brand material

Propose 2 website templates for your website.


Share your content

Fill out the brand brief document

Follow the brand material checklist

Storyboard your website homepage

Schedule a project kick-off call




Project kick-off call

A 1-hour call to check that we understood the content, agree on a website template and the pages we will build, and schedule a project start date.

We agree on a template, website page structure, and the content to build a great website.

You decide you need help with the content, and we take a step back to Get Your Story Straight.

Let's assume it's GO.

We build your website!



Website building week

  • Monday - We set up the website template, upload your content, and share a link for you to review.

  • Tuesday - We have a call to review the website and agree on text and images to edit.

  • Wednesday - We have a call to review the new version of the website and agree on final edits.

  • Thursday - We set up the SEO content and website analytics, and teach you how to edit the website on your own.

  • Friday - Launch website!

That's it?

Yup, that's it! Are you ready to build your website, rabbit-style?

If so, great! Just click on the button to schedule your free 30-minute website intake call to meet and answer any questions you might have.

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