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Mean something to someone


You have something to say, don’t waste your energy on the wrong crowd

  • Are you struggling to frame who you are, what you do and why it matters?

  • Do you have a proven business idea and are ready to spread the word?

  • Do you hear crickets when you reach out to potential clients?

Branding is directing how people think and feel about you.
— Anne Miltenburg, author of Brand the Change, founder of The Brandling

It all starts with your anatomy

Strong brands are built from the inside out. Starting from your core, what you are all about from your inner believes to life ambitions. Building into your identity, how you look and talk. Flowing naturally through all your interactions, what you actually do to engage the people you want to connect with.


Yes, there are tips & tricks to help you think

Rabbit ventures know the theory and yet, they rush through checklists getting things done, trying to be everything to anybody. We see it over and over again, we are even guilty of it, the passion and drive to succeed takes control and all structure goes out the door. The thing is, you can never be everything to anybody.

Branding is choosing. In that sense, we fell in love the The Brandling Method, which introduces a Brand Thinking Canvas to help you take a breath and build a strong brand framework before you start interacting all over the place.

Brand Framework

We facilitate one-on-one workshops to create your brand framework.


Brand Core

Your essence, vision, mission, values and promises captured as a starting point to build your identity.


Brand Story

Your value proposition explained in story form from different points of view.


Brand Positioning

Your target market mapped out, with a clear action plan of how to enter it. 


Workshops: Turtleize my Business

Workshops to help startup founders or teams understand how brand, product, and team stories need to come together to grow your business.


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