You have a great product,but the world doesn’t know it yet

You are running like crazy, but are any of these wearing you down?

You know what you want to say but can't find the right words

Your team is willing but has never built a brand from scratch

You would love a bigger marketing team but can’t afford one

People don't get what makes your product so special

You have plenty of ideas but don’t get around to them

You get a headache every time you have to sort through your files

It’s ok, breath, all you need to do is turtleize your team.

¿Turtleize my team?

Think like a turtle, act like a rabbit

Good news. Getting your product seen in the market is simpler than it seems. It does not have to take ages or cost tons of money, and you do not need a huge team to do it.

As a founder, you need to decide what you want to be known for, get your brand marketing basics in place, and then pause at the right moments to make sure your team is running in the right direction.

And the best part is that our experience, as self-proclaimed turtle and rabbit, says it just takes 3-steps to get your team to communicate fast & steady.

We call them


Find the pace at which you can communicate more with less

We help your team slow down enough to get the brand marketing basics in place, so they can start communicating fast & steady.



Get your story

Find the words that clarify what makes your product special.

2-half day workshops


€ 2,470



Build your

Structure your story, make it visual, and start communicating.

2-4-week project

starting from

€ 4,970



Activate your
sales funnel

Set a goal, make a marketing plan, and know your numbers.

4-week project

starting from

€ 9,970

We are at our best working with rabbit-like founders

Companies with founders that:

  • Roll-up their sleeves to get things done

  • Love to make decisions on the run

  • Have a product in the market

  • Lead a 3 to 15 person team

  • Are getting sales and are ready to scale

  • Understands brand matters, if they don’t want to compete on price

We especially have a weak spot for food startups, which is why we always offer a 20% discount to startups in our network at Impact Hub, Food Union, and ProVeg Incubator

Teams we’ve left our turtle mark on

Kaline van Halder
Co-Founder, Meet Jack

“Idea, after idea, after idea. There are so many things we want to do as a company that sometimes we get lost. Maja & Ángel have an amazing ability to mix structure with chaos and make sure the right things get done to move the company forward.”

Kelsey Wilson
Marketing Lead, Innovation Lighthouse

Maja and Angel are genius workshop hosts! We went from a brand story that really needed some help to one that is clear, to the point, and helps us as a team AND our customers understand what we do. They’re sure to help you imagine a more sparkly, clarified brand story full of great ideas for copy, service offerings, and visuals. And also worth noting: they are super fun and engaging people to work with - 10/10 recommend!

Roos van Harte - Hamming
Montgomery's Co-Founder & Sales Lead

“What a team! We needed quick branding to get our vegan ice cream to the market before the end of the summer, and we managed. In a little over 1 month, we had a new brand identity applied to packaging, website, print material, and social templates. We couldn't be happier with the results.”

Alvaro de Salvo
Founder, Mr. Cover Letter

“It's challenging to read the label when you are one inside the bottle. I hired Tortuga to help clarify and solidify the brand strategy for Mr. Cover Letter. Maja and Angel came as a gift from heaven. They are generous, fun, inspiring to work with, and provided incredible value from the first minute. Their consulting proved to be what I needed to bring Mr. Cover Letter to the next level!"


About Us

We turtleize companies

Companies start with small teams turning ideas into products at lighting speed.

And yet, like the rabbit in the old fable, most teams fail to actually succeed in the market.

Maja’s ‘rabbit’-drive & Ángel’s ’turtle’-virtues show teams that, unlike what we learn in fables, to achieve market success you need to communicate fast & work steady.

Read Turtleize Manifesto

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