Think like a turtle, act like a rabbit

Let’s face it, it’s often hard to communicate what you do clearly.

Rabbits and turtles, that’s how we see young companies when it comes to business. The turtles create perfect theoretical plans, but are too slow getting to market. The rabbits create the momentum that gets things done, but often lose focus and stop when the going gets tough.

It's a bit like that old fable about the Hare and the Tortoise. You know, the one that says that slow and steady wins the race. Yet, in business, everyone knows that fast and steady will always win the race, and even though the theory is sound, the virtue of steadiness proves to be elusive for most rabbits.

That's where we come in. We specialize in turtleizing teams. We add a bit of turtle wisdom to guide teams through the process of aligning brand and marketing strategies so they focus on the right thing at the right time. All, so they can run faster and longer.

You can be an individually brilliant rabbit, but hey, there must be a reason why turtles are the longest living, most adaptable creatures on the planet. Just saying…

We are Tortuga Solutions, we turtleize brilliant rabbit-like founders so they can go all the way.

The classical story of turtle meets rabbit

When Ángel met Maja sparks flew in the air, it was two complete opposites facing similar business struggles. Ángel had the necessary virtues to analyze and improve a company’s day-to-day operations. Maja had the rare gift of bringing new energy and movement into any initiative she dived into.

Ideas went back and forth on how to move forward with their own organizations. They soon realized that by working together they could build on each others' strengths to overcome their respective business struggles. Said and done…

Tortuga Solutions was born.


Maja Grcic

All about getting things done, do first ask questions later. An energy bomb full of ideas and inspiration that moves mountains. Her secret? Healthy living, spirituality and a big heart. She is the go-to girl if you want to design your personal brand.



Ángel Figueroa Mayordomo

Loves to dive into new business challenges of all types and sizes. He is usually seen as the slowest in business and on the soccer field, and yet he gets things done. He is the go-to guy if you want to design a high-performing team.