The Challenge

Inspire meat lovers to eat less meat


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Brand Story

Meet Jack, a fruit for meat lovers

People want to eat less meat

Rumor has it that vegan food is on the rise. People are becoming aware of the issues around how we consume natural resources, the healthiness of the food we eat, or animal welfare, and they are looking to change.

Meet Jack, a young unripe jackfruit

Jack’s team takes fresh-frozen jackfruit and turns it into all-time favorite meat dishes. Vegan products, with a meaty bite and great taste, that steal the show for the prize of “Greatest alternative to satisfy carnivorous cravings.”

It's not easy to give up meat

It seems like there is an endless wave of new products that dream of becoming a famous meat alternative. And yet, the casting for a plant-based ingredient that can truly satisfy carnivorous cravings is still going on!

Fruit for meat lovers

What chef doesn’t want to delight their guests? And that’s where Jack comes in! Chefs love his meaty texture and neutral taste, which allows them to create vegan masterpieces that surprise the most demanding of meat lovers.

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“Idea, after idea, after idea, there are so many things we want to do as a company that sometimes we get lost, Maja, Ángel, and Elena have an amazing ability to mix structure with chaos and make sure the right things get done to move the company forward.”

Kaline Van Halder
Meet Jack Co-Founder