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Meet Jack's Story

Meat replacements are on the rise. More than 75% of consumers want to eat less meat. However, there is still much room for improvement within the meat replacements currently available in the market. Many meat alternatives are good for animal welfare, environmentally friendly, and convenient for consumers. But, consumers still feel these products fall short. They are looking for meat alternatives that taste like meat, have a meaty texture, and no allergens.

Kaline and Marjolein fell in love with jackfruit while traveling through South East Asia. They saw jackfruit as the answer to reduce meat consumption around the world. Since then, they are two female entrepreneurs on a mission: to get meat lovers to eat less meat. 

Together they successfully turned their idea into a business, setting up a jackfruit supply chain to sell jackfruit products to restaurants. However, like for most startups, it's tough to lead a team on a mission to shake things up, especially in the food industry. Kaline & Marjolein both knew that if they wanted to succeed, they needed to turn Jack into a desirable and credible food brand.

Brand Jack as a meat alternative star

We met Kaline in Bali, tasted Jack, and fell in love with it on the spot. From that moment on, we joined the Meet Jack team with one goal in mind to turn Jack into a food star. 

The first step: bring Meet Jack's story to life in a narrative form told by Jack. A quirky fruit, who knows his way around the kitchen and is a straight talker. 

The second step: give Jack a recognizable identity. To stand out amongst meat alternatives, we needed to capture Jack's adventurous character. Strike a balance between his rugged-looking exterior and the natural blending qualities of his unripe interior. And then wrap it up in a playful, easy-going look to catch people's attention. 

The third step: introduce Jack to the world. Re-design the website, update all the social media channels, organize photoshoots, and refresh the product packages. All-in-all, never a dull moment when you are trying to brand a food star.

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Kaline Van Halder
Meet Jack Co-Founder & Marketing Lead

“Idea, after idea, after idea, there are so many things we want to do as a company that sometimes we get lost, Maja, Ángel, and Elena have an amazing ability to mix structure with chaos and make sure the right things get done to move the company forward.”