The Challenge

Brand Montgomery's as a premium ice cream, both vegan-friendly and non-vegan proof


Brand Story, Visual Identity, Packaging, Website, Sales Funnel

Brand Story

Montgomery’s vegan ice cream

It started with a challenge

We had a tradition of bringing ice cream every time our dear friends, the Montgomery's, invited us over for dinner. Life was good! Then one day, the Montgomery’s went vegan, and we were faced with the harsh reality that there was simply no vegan ice cream out there that would truly knock our socks off.

"It's good enough", was not good enough

We could have settled and started shipping our newly made, 'good enough' vegan ice cream. But, call us nerdy or freaky, we pushed on. And, at batch 69, we found the texture and consistency we were looking for. We can now proudly say that we have our very own secret chocolate ice cream recipe: vegan-friendly and non-vegan-proof.

Make top-quality chocolate ice cream

We were not going to let dairy and eggs stand in the way of enjoying our chocolate ice cream dessert. One thing was crystal clear, we would first prioritize taste over volume. After a good 44 batches, we could proudly say we cracked the vegan ice cream code. We had our recipe for making tasty, vegan chocolate ice cream that had people lining up for more.

An ice cream made to share

So, to all ice cream lovers out there, this pint is for you!

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“What a team! We needed quick branding to get our vegan ice cream to the market before the end of the summer, and we managed. In a little over 1 month, we had a new brand identity applied to packaging, website, print material, and social templates. We couldn't be happier with the results.”

Roos van Harte - Hamming
Montgomery's Co-Founder & Sales Lead