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Montgomery's Ice Cream Brand

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Montgomery's Story

Montgomery’s Ice Cream is a family business that started with a self-imposed challenge to make delicious chocolate ice cream, vegan-friendly and non-vegan proof.

The family loved to bring ice cream for dinner nights at their dear friends, the Montgomery’s. But the Montgomery's went vegan, leaving them faced with the harsh reality that there was simply no vegan ice cream that would knock their socks off.

It took quite a few attempts, but they cracked the vegan ice cream code. The taste, texture, and consistency all came together in batch 69. The next step? Start building a brand to introduce Montgomery’s Ice Cream to the world.

Branding Solution

The first step was to clarify the brand story. We facilitated 2-half day workshops to extract the information needed to build a brand book.  

The second step was to create a brand identity that struck a balance between playful and elegant. The team wanted the ice cream brand to be associated with high price-quality in an authentic yet modern way. It needed to have a strong sense of character while being playful and edgy, but without being too simple or too childish. It needed to stand out by being minimalistic while also bold and luxurious. And to top it off, find a way to add a personal touch through handwritten messages and linear illustrations.

The third step was to apply the brand identity. We designed new packaging and coordinated the styling and direction of product photoshoots. We also designed & built a new website and ready-to-use editorial templates, so the team could easily create content and update their digital marketing channels.

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Roos van Harte - Hamming
Montgomery's Co-Founder & Sales Lead

“What a team! We needed quick branding to get our vegan ice cream to the market before the end of the summer, and we managed. In a little over 1 month, we had a new brand identity applied to packaging, website, print material, and social templates. We couldn't be happier with the results.”