Your team should not struggle to communicate what you do

Do any of these comments ever pop-up?

We don’t communicate a consistent story to the outside world.

We might not be targeting the right customers.

We often lose track of what we are trying to do as a team.

We can’t find the right words to explain the value of our products.

We are not sure how to stand out amongst our competitors.

We have many good ideas but fail to get them done.

Workshop plan

Clarify your marketing message in 2-half day sessions

Session I

Understand your customer's story

In the first 3-hour session, we will:

Analyze your business model

See your products from your customer’s eyes

Write a clear value proposition

Session II

Make key branding decisions

In the second 3-hour session, we will:

Spot what makes you different from competitors

Agree on what success looks like

Map your most important interactions

Workshop deliverables

At the end of the workshop you will have a Brand Book, which includes:

A clear understanding of your customer’s struggles

Your value proposition expressed in one sentence

Decision on how to position your brand in the market

A consistent brand story customers will respond to

Your Investment

Get your story straight online workshop

2-half days sessions

€ 2,470

Book workshop

Words from rabbit-founders that got their story straight

“It's challenging to read the label when you are one inside the bottle. I hired Tortuga to help clarify and solidify the brand strategy for Mr. Cover Letter. Maja and Angel came as a gift from heaven. They are generous, fun, inspiring to work with, and provided incredible value from the first minute. Their consulting proved to be what I needed to bring Mr. Cover Letter to the next level!"

Alvaro de Salvo
Founder, Mr. Cover Letter

Maja and Angel are genius workshop hosts! We went from a brand story that really needed some help to one that is clear, to the point, and helps us as a team AND our customers understand what we do. They’re sure to help you imagine a more sparkly, clarified brand story full of great ideas for copy, service offerings, and visuals. And also worth noting: they are super fun and engaging people to work with - 10/10 recommend!

Kelsey Wilson
Marketing Lead, Innovation Lighthouse

I’ve seen close up the magic Maja and Angel can do. They have a clear roadmap and deliverables, work super fast, cut through the clutter to create a clear story, and their work gets results fast for brand owners. Basically what everyone hopes a brand strategist will do but in reality few offer. I love working with them and watching them in action. I highly recommend this power team.

Anne Miltenburg
Author Brand the Change

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