Launching a credible website can suck years out of your life

And if you want to run to market you can’t have a website that:

Leaves potential customers confused

Fails to communicate the value of your products

Reduces the credibility of your business

You probably want your website done well, fast, and at an affordable rate, right?

But, do you have all the ingredients to do just that?

Are you clear on what you want to say?

Are the style guide and visuals ready to go?

Do you have a website structure in mind?

Rabbit-style website

“Yes, I’m good to go!”

Great, let’s build your website in record time.

2 weeks


€ 4,970

Structure your content

Apply it to a Webflow template

Optimize for SEO

Plug-in website analytics

Train to edit yourself

Turtle-style website

“No, I need help”

That’s ok, we’ll build your website step-by-step.

4 weeks

Starting from:

€ 14,970

Design a brand identity

Create a website structure

Design mockups of web pages

Write the website copy

Build the website rabbit-style

How it works

A team of three following a 3-step turtle approach to build websites that works.

Maja challenges your content

An invisible force that makes plans come together in record time.

Angel writes the website copy

A natural at taking many words and turning them into a clear story.


Elena designs & builds the website

A digital wizard with the power to both design and build websites.

Websites with our turtle stamp

“Idea, after idea, after idea. There are so many things we want to do as a company that sometimes we get lost. Maja, Ángel, and Elena have an amazing ability to mix structure with chaos and make sure the right things get done to move the company forward.”

Kaline van Halder
Co-Founder & Marketing Lead, Meet Jack

"After Maja and I honed in on the message I wanted to express, it was time to translate my personal brand into a powerful website. With Maja at the helm leading the strategy, copywriter Àngel was quick to understand my audience and wrote the website’s copy with ease. Designer Elena made all of my digital dreams come true: she was responsive, efficient, and incredibly receptive to feedback — something that’s hard to come by. Maja, Ángel, and Elena are experts in their respective fields and an absolute pleasure to work with."

Nadina Galle
Ecological Engineer & Entrepreneur

“What a team! We needed quick branding to get our vegan ice cream to the market before the end of the summer, and we managed. In a little over 1 month, we had a new brand identity applied to packaging, website, print material, and social templates. We couldn't be happier with the results.”

Roos van Harte-Hamming
Founder, Montgomery's Ice Cream

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